Pier and Beam Foundation

what is a pier and beam foundation

Example of Pier and Beam Foundation

What is a Pier and Beam Foundation?

Pier and beam foundations are a concrete (or cedar) footing and pier which supports floor joists and structure of the house.  These foundations usually have crawl spaces underneath the home depending on the slope of the land the house is built upon.  For pier-and-beam foundations, pier spacing will also depend upon arrangement of floor framing, particularly the location of load bearing walls and partitions. Spacing of piers in the range of 8′ to 12′ is common practice. The openness of pier foundations creates natural venting of the crawlspace.  A registered structural engineer can be called upon to design a new pier and beam foundation or be consulted if the pier and beam foundation needs to be leveled (foundation leveling) on an existing home.


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