Foundation Leveling

foundation levelingHow do I know if my foundation needs to be leveled?

If you live in Alamo Heights or Terrell Hills areas of San Antonio, you most likely have some issue’s with your foundation.  Some tell tale signs of foundation distress: windows and doors that don’t open and close properly, diagonal cracks in the walls (inside and out), cracks near door frames and window frames and separations between walls. All of those signs point to a stress on the structure of your home most likely caused by foundation settling.  In San Antonio, the two most common typed of foundations are pier and beam and slab on grade (known as a concrete slab).  If you have a pier and beam house, you can have piers added or replaced to help level the foundation.  A concrete slab can also have piers added underneath the foundation, but can cost more because it will require more labor to dig and support the house foundation from underneath.

If you are planning on doing any kind of home remodeling, get the foundation leveled first (if it needs it) before you do any construction work on the interior of the home.  Most of the time, a few cracks will form in the drywall near the top of windows or doors.  It is easier to fix them after the foundation has been leveled.”  Danny Garcia, owner of Rhino Design Build in San Antonio, Texas.

Hire an independent licensed professional structural engineer with residential foundation experience who has no financial ties whatsoever to any foundation repair company to inspect your slab.  The engineer can inspect your foundation and produce an unbiased report on whether or not you need piers, what type would be best for your situation, how many and where.  This will be money well spent for peace of mind.


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