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Paint or Replace Cabinets

Great question and one that I get weekly.  You can achieve great success by doing both, but the question is going to be:  what can you afford?  Staining or painting the cabinets can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $4,000  (if…


How to Calculate Cost Per Square Foot in Construction

Figuring how much construction costs per square foot is really simple to do.  All you need is the total construction amount and the total square footage of the project. Example:  If you have a construction total of $200,000 and you…


How do I know if I need new windows

Knowing if you need new Windows or not can be answered if you answer these questions:  Are my energy bills expensive every month?  Can you feel a draft coming from outside when you put your hand next to the windows? …


Why Does Remodeling Cost So Much

There are many factors that can make home remodeling expensive.  You must take into consideration that the company you hire to do any kind of home remodel or renovation did not build your house, so there are going to be…


Why don’t my doors close properly on my house

If your doors “stick” or simply won’t close properly, then there are a couple of possible problems.  The door may not have been installed properly.  An experienced handyman or contractor can diagnose the problem and fix them with some added…

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