Room addition in Alamo Heights San Antonio

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We specialize in building room addition in the Alamo Heights, Terrell Heights and Terrell Hills area.  Adding an extra room or living room is a necessity for some of our clients that have a growing family.  Since most of the homes were built in the 1940’s and 1950’s, they have defined rooms and don’t have the modern open concept for today’s families.  We are able to help our clients open up walls and add additional square footage that not only helps families have a more enjoyable floor plan, but also help adding equity to your home investment.

Hey guys, this is Danny Garcia with Rhino Design Build. Just wanted to show you guys a room addition that we’re doing out here in Alamo Heights. This room addition’s gonna be pier and beam obviously.

And of course the weather is not really cooperating with us today. We do have some rain in the forecast. So, when stuff like that happens we are delayed, but it’s something that we can’t really do much about.

So, behind me is gonna be a new dining room, kitchen, utility room. We’re gonna add about 600 square feet to this one, so this one’s gonna be a really nice, give the family a lot of extra room that’s much needed.

So, if you guys are looking for any kind of room addition, room add-on, any kind of home addition here in Alamo Heights or Terrell Hills, give us a call. (210) 413-8789.



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