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mother in law suite or guest house

A mother-in-law suite can be defined as  some type of room  addition to the existing home that provides temporary or permanent accommodations for guests. This type of room  addition is referred to as a “mother-in-law suite” or “father-in-law suite” since it is not unusual for elderly parents to live with married children in later years. For the most part, the design of any mother in law suite allows both the children and the parent to enjoy a level of privacy while still being close to one another.  It is not uncommon for these suites or “guest houses” to include a private bathroom, living area, laundry connections,  and a kitchenette.  They are almost like adding an apartment to your existing home and can add value to your home.  Rhino Design Build has been called upon several times to design detached “mother-in-law suites” when a client decides that they will have a guest for an extended period of time.  They also work great for hosting out of town family members or guests.

If you are considering a home remodel or room addition, adding a second level can be an option of adding space for a mother in law suite, but I would recommend using caution as elderly people and stairs aren’t always a great idea.  Making ADA Modifications should be considered and is rather easy if you plan ahead.  (larger door openings, large shower with a bench seat and detachable shower head)

Converting an existing garage into a mother in law quarters is also a possibility, especially if the garage is only used for storage.  Rhino Design Build has designed spaces that allow for both a mother in law room and storage space.  Being creative and understanding existing spaces plays a key role.  I met with a client the other day that wanted to build a detached guest house for his mother in law.  I looked at the layout of the house and suggested that we add the square footage for the new mother in law suite to his house.  It fit perfect and saved thousands of dollars on running new plumbing and electrical.  Being creative and understanding design goes a long way.”  Danny Garcia, owner of Rhino Design Build, LLC in San Antonio, Texas.

Developing the right mother-in-law suite or guest house plans involves considering both the physical restraints of the existing property and the personal preferences of the family. The design should make it possible for the family members to interact with ease but also allow everyone the option of having some time to themselves.   If you live in the San Antonio area, give us a call and we will evaluate your property and see if a mother-in-law suite is right for you.


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