How much does a home remodel or room addition cost?

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I get this question almost everyday and the answer is:  It Depends.  If you are adding a room addition, then how tall are the ceilings?  What kind of exterior finish are you going to use? (stucco, brick, rock hardi plank)  What kind of flooring?  (carpet, ceramic tile, travertine, stained concrete)  Are the electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems upgraded?  How tall will the foundation be and will it pier and beam or a slab foundation (what size rebar and how thick/deep will the beams be?)  As you can see, there are many questions to be answered before I can accurately answer.  If you are looking for a quick, easy and round number to generate a ball park budget, then I would say to use $160 per square foot if you are in the Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills or Terrell Height Areas.  Different parts of the country will differ.    So let’s say you looking to build a room addition.  You want to add a new living room and it measure out to be 20′-0″ x 20′-0″.  (400 square feet)  You would multiply the 400 square feet times $160 to give you a budget of $64,000 for your new home remodel.  Please keep in mind that this is VERY rough number and should not be relied on too much.  It is only meant to give you quick idea of a what the home remodel will cost.  Some areas of the country could be more or less expensive, but here in San Antonio, it is fairly safe.  Kitchen remodels and bath remodels are even trickier to estimate because a lot of times, we don’t know what lurks behind those walls until we start tearing into the sheetrock.  The electrical or plumbing could need to be replaced or there could be termites, rotted studs, and the list goes on.  And don’t let a contractor charge you more just because you live in the 78209 area.


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