Mother In Law Suite

Mother In Law Suite

Welcome to the Rhino Design Build website.  This page is designed to help you make the best decision possible when building your next Mother in law suite]. You only get one chance to get the project right the first time, so make sure you choose the right builder.  Call us today to schedule your appointment at 210-413-8789.

A growing trend in the United States housing market is the addition of a mother in suite or father in law suite to an existing home.  This, of course, requires remodeling your home to fit the new guest house.  You can think of it as adding a small apartment to your home to accommodate an elderly parent or relative.  Many families today, are considering adding a mother in law suite to their home as opposed to sending the family member to a nursing home.

What used to be referred to as a mother-in-law suite or mother-in-law apartment now encompasses a wide variety of solutions for the modern home, from ADA-compliant (handicap accessible) room additions to backyard guest home construction. And, while mother-in-laws are sometimes the people who will be living in these new spaces, they are, of course, built for anyone in the extended family or out of town guests.  Rhino Design Build is San Antonio’s premier mother in law suite builder.

If you don’t have financial resources to build a new mother or father-in-law suite, then remodeling a garage for a mother in law suite may be the most cost effective solution. Since the garage is already connected to your home it’s not hard to relocate electricity and plumbing if the design is well thought out.  (in theory)  Some garages present interesting and unique challenges to be converted into a mother in law room. Talk to a qualified home designer or home remodeling contractor about the possibility of a garage conversion first.

What is a Mother in Law Suite?

A mother-in-law suite or father in law suite is a type of addition or conversion to a home that provides temporary or permanent accommodations for guests. This type of addition is referred to as a mother-in-law suite since it is not unusual for elderly parents to live with married children in later years. It is also referred to as a guest house for relatives or out of town guest to use when they stay over.  In general, the design of any suite of this type allows both the children and the parent to enjoy a measure of privacy while still being in close proximity to one another.

Thank you for visiting the Rhino Design Build website.  We look forward to working with you on your next Mother in law suite.  Call us today to schedule your appointment at 210-413-8789.

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