Summer Checklist for Home Owners

  • Interior spring cleaning might be over, but how clean is the exterior of your house?  Give it a bath with a garden hose and mild detergent. If you have vinyl siding, be careful with pressure washers; they can sometimes force water under the siding, which can create mold or mildew. You can hire a professional , but keep in mind that this is their busy season.
  • While you are outdoors enjoying the warm weather, inspect the exterior of your home — siding and paint — for peeling or rotting. The South and West walls typically require more maintenance.  Please make sure a use a proper primer and quality exterior paint.   If you would rather hire a professional, remember that their busiest season is during the warmest months of the year — May through August.  (especially here in San Antonio)
  • Attics are normally ignored, but this room is just as important as any other area in the house. Check attic fans and vents and ensure that they are functioning properly. If you can access the vents, make sure that the insulation isn’t blocking the flow of air. Speaking of insulation, July and August are two of the best months to schedule service.
  • How did your roof hold up during the spring storms and heavy rains? It’s a good idea to give it a through once over. Pay attention to any protrusions on the roof that may be prone to rust or wear and tear. At the opposite end of the house, check your foundation for water penetration and cracks.
  • While it’s not in use, have the central heating system in your house cleaned. Summer is also the time to clean the grill and interior compressor unit of the central air conditioner. Draining and replacing the water in your water heater is another good idea. Test its pressure valve to ensure that everything works correctly.
  • Used frequently through the summer months, decks may require some maintenance. Power wash, repair, seal, stain and check for any protruding nails. While you are at it, evaluate exterior railings and stairways to see if they’re in need of repair.
  • Clean and lubricate all door hinges, locks and window tracks to guarantee proper functioning throughout the year. This includes garage and sliding glass door tracks.
  • Summer is the time for picnics and cookouts — which means more bugs! Perform seasonal pest control to make sure that these tiny creatures don’t invade your home like they invade your picnic
  • Turn your attention to your driveway. Are there any holes and cracks in your concrete or asphalt driveway or walkway? Treat or patch any imperfections necessary. If you plan to hire a professional, keep in mind that they will be busy, so schedule service calls early to avoid a long wait.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a pool to keep you cool during the summer heat, now is the time to kick your pool maintenance schedule in to high gear.  With pool parties in full swing, the need for chlorine increases. Frequent cleanings, more conditioners, and longer filter runs are necessities in August.
  • Check all faucets for leaks. Replace washers and repair as necessary.
  • If you haven’t already done so, make an appointment to have your chimney and fireplace cleaned or repaired.
  • Clean the underside of your range and hood and replace the filter. Move on to your refrigerator and clean the condenser coils according to manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure there is adequate airflow around the appliance.
  • As you probably know, dryer lint is extremely flammable and can pose a fire risk. Clean lint from the entire vent system of your dryer – from the appliance to the exterior vent cap. If you have a gas dryer, make sure it is properly vented. If it isn’t, it may force carbon monoxide back in to your home, creating a potential health hazard.
  • Start planning now for any home remodeling projects or room additions you have in mind for the fall.   It just so happens that Rhino Design Build, LLC can help you with this or any of your home’s needs.

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