Remodel or Move?

You should probably remodel if:

Homeowners who love their homes, their neighbors, and their communities most often remodel because they already have everything they want.  They might be lacking some features such as master bedroom suite, a gourmet kitchen, or an updated bathroom. One main advantage of home remodeling is that you only need to update a couple rooms in your  home to suit your family’s needs.   If you move, you run the risk of not liking one or more features of your new home, yard, neighbors, community or location and you run the risk of having to make many compromises to finally settle on your new home.  A lot of my clients here in San Antonio choose to remodel rather than build because they watched their children take their first steps in the living room or they still have the notches on the wall that measure the kids height.   After doing your homework, may homeowners decide it’s cheaper to renovate an existing home rather than to buy or build something comparable.  Newer subdivisions usually don’t have established trees or landscaping that older neighborhoods have.  Most track homes are built very close together and don’t offer a lot of privacy.  Most new subdivisions, like some of the ones here in San Antonio, are often on the outskirts of town and traffic isn’t always great.

You Should Consider Moving if:

Despite the current home improvement boom, remodeling a home is not for everyone. First of all, not every home renovation is worth the time, money, and effort.  Just because you spend $40,ooo on a home remodel or room addition doesn’t necessarily mean you will get it back when you sell.  A good contractor will walk you through the process and help you weigh these decisions.  Some people don’t want to go through the home remodeling process and would simply like to buy something already complete.  If you have recently changed jobs and are having a long commute,  then it might be better to start looking for a new home now.

There are pro’s and con’s to each of these decisions.  Make sure you talk it over and make the best decision that will benefit you and your family.


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