How do I know if I need new windows

Energy efficient window diagram

Double Pane, Low E Window Diagram

Knowing if you need new Windows or not can be answered if you answer these questions:  Are my energy bills expensive every month?  Can you feel a draft coming from outside when you put your hand next to the windows?  Do your windows have condensation on them?  Are your windows rotted or difficult to open and close?  What is the age of your home?  Chances are that your windows are probably the same age as your house.  The average American home loses about 25% of the heating and cooling cost (your electric bill) through old non-energy efficient windows.  The answer is to replace your old windows with new Double Pane, Low E windows.  Not only can you save 35-50% per month on heating and cooling bills each month, but you can enhance the look of your home from the outside (curb appeal).  New energy efficient windows are also a great selling point when it comes times to sell your home.  New windows can cost anywhere from $400-800 (installed) depending on brand, style, size and part of the country.  There are 3 main types of windows: aluminum, vinyl and wood (in order from least expensive to most expensive).  Buying new energy efficient, Low E windows can also muffle sound from outside.  This comes in handy if you live on a busy street or have loud neighbors. Replacing single pane windows with new Double Pane, Low E windows is a way to make your house Greener.  Alongside with recycling, making your home more energy efficient  is one of the easiest  things you can do, and with such an enormous saving, it is hard to justify not make the transition.  Another popular energy efficient product is radiant barrier.

If you are doing any kind of home renovating or home remodeling, I would strongly suggest that you consider updating your windows to new energy efficient double pane windows.  Local and Federal Rebates may  still be available to help offset the cost of purchasing and installing new energy efficient windows.”  Danny Garcia, owner of Rhino Design Build in San Antonio, Texas.

What does Low E mean?

Low emissivity (low e) is a quality of a surface that radiates, or emits, low levels of radiant energy. All materials absorb, reflect and emit radiant energy. Low E argon windows work primarily by reflecting heat, which would otherwise be transmitted outside, back into the home. Because it contains argon, the window is significantly better at reflecting heat rather than conducting heat, and consequently keeps the heat in, and keeps the unwanted heat out. This results in a huge energy saving when compared to single pane Windows of old.


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