Common Air Leaks in Homes

This illustration shows how common air leaks are caused in a home and where they occur.  You can help stop air leaks around windows and doors with silicone caulking.  Check the exterior for cracked or missing caulking.  Remove the old caulking as best you can and then come back with a new bead.

If you don’t have enough Attic Insulation, you could be spending more on your a/c bills than you should be.  If you can see the top of your rafters in the attic, then you don’t have enough insulation.  You should have at least 9″ of insulation in your attic.  You can easily install it yourself over the existing insulation using batt insulation (at least r-30).  We purchase ours online because it is cheaper and gets shipped directly to us.  Here is where we order ours from: Owens Corning Attic Insulation

Check your ducts in the attic to make sure they are connected properly and don’t have any holes in them.  Rodents in the attic can chew holes in the ducts.  I’ve had  lot of clients who didn’t know they had a duct disconnected and were actually cooling the attic and not the home because of a disconnect or a hole in the duct.

You may want to consider getting Radiant Barrier installed in your attic.  This will help keep the attic temperature from reaching 150 degrees in the summer and should help it get down to about 110 degrees.  This will help your a/c in not having to work as hard and could save you up to 25% on your CPS bills every month.  Purchasing some Solar Attic Fans will also help get rid of that heat trapped in your attic and save you money on your energy bill.


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