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Blown Attic Insulation vs Batt Insulation

Both Blown Insulation and Batt Insulation have pro’s and con’s to them.  Are you going to do the install yourself or are you going to hire a professional?  If you are planning on doing it yourself, Blown Insulation is the…


Hardiplank Insurance Discount

Since Hardie Siding is non-combustible, some insurance companies offer a discount while others do not. We suggest that you contact your local agent and ask if installing James Hardie Siding on your home will reduce your insurance premium. In any…


Green Remodeling Tips

What does going green mean? Going green is a popular phrase being used today, but not everyone know exactly what it means. Chances are, you have heard it referred to quite a lot. In essence, it refers to using various…


Why don’t I have any hot water?

Where’s the hot water? This is fairly common problem.  Before you reach for the phone to call in a professional, one of two things is probably wrong with your water heater: 1. If there is no loss of water pressure,…


Benefits of Solar Power

Are you considering installing Solar Panels to power your home?  Great news!  Rebates and tax credits could now lower a home owner’s payments  to less than $100 a month for installing 5 kilowatts of solar power.  By installing Solar Panels….


Tankless Water Heaters

“Tankless Water Heater” or “instant” water heaters, provides on-demand hot water source at an efficient and less costly rate. If you are looking at remodeling your home in the near future or simply want to conserve energy, the old school…

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