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Window Coating Heat Reduction

Adding a Heat control window film to the inside of your home windows will help keep rooms cooler.  It is almost like tinting your vehicle windows, but for your house instead.  The heat reducing window coating helps reflect the ultraviolet…


How do I know if I need new windows

Knowing if you need new Windows or not can be answered if you answer these questions:  Are my energy bills expensive every month?  Can you feel a draft coming from outside when you put your hand next to the windows? …


Do I Need New Windows?

Windows are an important part of your home’s aesthetics and one of the first things that people see from the exterior of the home.  Older windows simply are not as energy efficient as new windows today simply because technology has…


Why don’t I have any hot water?

Where’s the hot water? This is fairly common problem.  Before you reach for the phone to call in a professional, one of two things is probably wrong with your water heater: 1. If there is no loss of water pressure,…


Benefits of Solar Power

Are you considering installing Solar Panels to power your home?  Great news!  Rebates and tax credits could now lower a home owner’s payments  to less than $100 a month for installing 5 kilowatts of solar power.  By installing Solar Panels….


Common Air Leaks in Homes

This illustration shows how common air leaks are caused in a home and where they occur.  You can help stop air leaks around windows and doors with silicone caulking.  Check the exterior for cracked or missing caulking.  Remove the old…


Engery Efficient Water Heater

Most people don’t pay an attention to their Water Heater or know where it is located in the house.  Your water heater uses about 14-25% of your electric bill.  I call it the Rodney Dangerfield of appliances because it typically…

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